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Av Josef - 10 januari 2014 23:05

Richard Mille automatic caliber RM 011 Flyback Chronograph

Av Josef - 9 april 2012 13:45

Självklart ska Pablo Mac Donough, en av Richard Milles ambassadörer ha en egen klocka!

Boetten har dimensionerna 50 mm x 42.70 mm x 20.00 mm, i titanium och carbon som tål tuffa tag på hästryggen och safirglas med AR.

Urverket är ett manuellt inhouse, RM053, med tourbillon och vattentät ner till 50 meter.


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Av Josef - 2 april 2012 14:15

Boetten har dimensionerna 42.70 mm x 50.00 mm x 15.95 mm, öppen skelett design, safirglas med AR och vattentät ner till 50 meter. Den har en limiterad utgåva på totalt 21 stycken, varav 15 i titanium och 5 stycken i vitt- eller roséguld.

Urverket är ett manuellt inhouse, RM052, med tourbillon med 48 timmars gångreserv.


tack richardmille.com

Av Josef - 1 april 2012 11:15

Its mechanical movement in grade 5 titanium displays extreme skeletonization, with a PVD- and Titalyt® treated baseplate and bridges. This combination provides the whole structure with optimum rigidity and excellent surface flatness and finish, essential aspects for the perfect functioning of the gear train. The caliber RMUL2 is thus capable of withstanding accelerations of over 500-G’s. The movement is equipped with a variable-inertia balance wheel, which ensures reliability in the event of impacts and during assembly and dismantling, thus improving the long-term accuracy of the timepiece. The regulator index is eliminated, and a more accurate and repeatable inertia adjustment is possible thanks to four small adjustable weights located directly on the balance wheel. The doublebarrel mechanism helps to improve and equalize long-term torque stability: This is achieved by dispersing the stored energy within two winding barrels, equalizing torque as well as reducing pressure and friction on the bearings and pivots, resulting in improved long-term performance. The RM 055 Bubba Watson is assembled using several sizes of spline screws in both the case and the movement. These screws age well and provide better control of the torque applied during assembly, and are therefore unaffected by the physical manipulations involved in assembly and disassembly. The distinct construction of the RM 055’s case is designed to meet the demanding requirements of sportsmen. Thus the ATZ bezel is made from tubes of aluminum oxide powder injected at a pressure of nearly 2,000 bars. This high-pressure injection increases rigidity by 20 to 30% and reduces the material’s porosity to an absolute minimum. ATZ is known for its high scratch-resistance (1,400 Vickers) and its unchangeable color. Next to diamond, it is one of the hardest materials in the world. Long and difficult machining using diamond tools is required to create a perfect example of this complex, curved bezel and satin finish. The case middle and back bezel are in grade 5 titanium with a protective white rubber casing. This rubber is injected at high pressure around the titanium components, thus insulating the movement from all vibrations. This special surface treatment also makes the watch very comfortable to wear. A worthy successor to the RM 038 Bubba Watson, the RM 055 is a highly technical creation that is innovative, sporting and hand-finished in the finest watchmaking traditions  

tack richardmille.com

Sveriges största nätbutik för män Nya bilar och bilförsäljare på ett ställe. Jämför på FACIT.com

Av Josef - 30 mars 2012 12:15

2012 är drakens år och många tillverkare har hakat på trenden, drakar är ju coola! I Kina representerar det Kejsarens absoluta makt, men också med välstånd och lycka. Jackie Chan är Richard Milles ambassadör och det är inte första gången som RM har gjort en klocka tillägnad honom, 2011 så gjorde man en klocka som gick till välgörenhet och vinsten gick till Jackie Chans Dragon Heart Foundation.

Gulddraken på klockan är rikligt detaljerad, som slingrar sig runt om tavlan och får tourbillonen tavlan att se riktigt levande ut. Draken är gjord för hand i roséguld och hela 20 graverare var med i produktionen av draken!

Boetten finns i både vitt-och roséguld och dimensionerna 50 X 42,70 X 14,55 och safirglaset är 1,5mm tjock och AR-beläggning på båda sidor om glaset.

Urverket är en handjagad inhouse, CALIBER RM057, med tourbillon, 21 juveler och gångreservindikator, med 48 timmars gångreserv och vattentät ner till 50 meter.

Richard Mille-klockorna är verkligen coola pjäser, men att köpa en kommer nog bara förbli en dröm med tanke på priset. Och den här Jackie Chan-versionen är nog en av de snyggaste RM jag sett, lägg sedan på en tourbillon, ja då kommer priset ligga därefter.


tack richardmille.com

Av Josef - 26 mars 2012 11:30

Boetten är i carbon-material med dimensionerna 50.00 mm x 42.70 mm x 16.30 mm, skelettavla i titanium, safirglas med AR på båda sidor av glaset och 1,5mm tjock. Uverket är ett handjagad inhouse, Caliber RMCC1 med split-second kronograf, gångreservindikator och gångreserv på 70 timmar.


tack richardmille.com

Av Josef - 21 mars 2012 18:15

Innovation, original concepts and the use of new, increasingly high level performance materials have enabled the creation of some truly outstanding pieces, such as the RM 015 Perini Navi with its subtle representation of the nautical world, the RM 025 with its tourbillon chronograph movement that is water-resistant to 300 meters, or the more recent RM 050 Felipe Massa tourbillon split seconds chronograph, one of the most complex movements of its kind in the market. With the RM 031 High Performance, Richard Mille decided to create a very orthodox product, a watch set firmly in the realm of Haute Horlogerie and its associated expertise, which simultaneously combines great purity of line with components offering exceptional performance. All experience gained over the last few years have been combined in the elaboration of this extremely precise watch.

The caliber RM031 is equipped with an AP direct-impulse escapement. Developed by APR&P for Audemars Piguet , this new escapement represents a subtle combination of a detent escapement and a Swiss anchor escapement. The AP escapement provides an improved chronometric results thanks to the direct action of the escapement wheel on the balance wheel in contrast to a Swiss anchor escapement in which the anchor acts directly on the escape wheel. The AP escapement beats at 36000 vibrations per hour and is fitted with two Elinvar spirals that are set in opposite directions. It delivers a well improved efficiency. A dart is specifically designed for this kind of escapement, which prevents any overbanking. The objective is achieved: this high-demanding design caliber reaches a chronometric variation of only 0 to 30 sec per month. To ensure the excellent transmission of the power released by the double barrels, all the wheels of the movement have been optimized by a special profile or the teeth with a pressure angle of 20°. This feature, inspired by automobile transmissions, produces long, continuous transfer of power along the entire going trains of the High Performance escapement. The baseplate and bridges are machined from ARCAP, a material used for the first time in watchmaking in the Richard Mille caliber RM002. ARCAP is renowned for its physical characteristics, which include corrosion-resistance and anti-magnetic properties. These qualities explain its frequent use in the aerospace, automobile and advanced electronics industries. These superlative technical characteristics are combined with outstanding hand-finishing operations. Many hours of work are required to produce each of the movement’s components, perfectly exemplified by the microblasted baseplate and escapement-holder, the polished, microblasted, beveled and circular-grained wheels, the burnished sections, or the soft-polished escapement bridges.

The new round case (50 mm x 13.90 mm) is made in four parts according to an exceptionally complex design, and has been chamfered, polished and brushed for a unique finish. Lastly, in a perfect demonstration of the attention devoted to every detail, the lugs are carefully designed to extend the lines of the case while following the curve of the strap .

The RM 031 is available in a limited edition of 10 platinum pieces.


tack richardmille.com

Av Josef - 19 mars 2012 20:25

Aviation and aeronautics have always been sources of inspiration for Richard Mille. As such, materials including titanium, carbon nanofiber, honeycombed orthorhombic titanium aluminide, ARCAP or even tungsten carbide have all found applications in the collection, stepping out of the aeronautical world and into the realms of watchmaking for the first time. The mechanical and aesthetic properties of these materials are now recognized in Haute Horlogerie in just the same way as precious metals. To explore these themes in greater depth, Richard Mille has created a caliber designed for flight navigation. This complete and technically sophisticated instrument is an ultra-modern interpretation of an essential device used by every established pilot. It also reproduces the materials and visual codes used in the aviation industry. The RM 039 AVIATION E6-B displays much of the same information provided by the famous E6-B flight computer, which was invented in the United States by Naval Lieutenant Philip Dalton during the 1930s. This round slide rule, incorporated into the bidirectional rotating bezel, can be used to read off and calculate fuel burn, flight times, ground speed, density altitude or wind correction, as well as the fast conversion of units of measurement (Naut/KM/Gallons/Liters/Feet/KG/LBS). The RM 039 tourbillon caliber is also equipped with a UTC hand, a countdown mode, an oversize date at 12 o’clock and a function selector. The tourbillon movement drives a flyback chronograph featuring an exclusive design. This complication provides pilots with a fast, practical device for measuring a series of successive elapsed times when navigating through different marker points. The flyback chronograph function combined with the E6-B flight computer brings the possibility of real time measurement to its functionality and applications. By uniting all these functions in the RM 039, Richard Mille has extended the applications of the E6-B slide rule and turned it into an instrument that is even better suited to a pilot’s needs. When preparing for a flight, the E6-B slide rule remains the most accurate device for determining the necessary fuel reserve and density altitude (essential for take-off and landing). The fact that the E6-B flight computer needs no power source also makes it an extremely safe flight instrument for pilots, even today. This new Richard Mille caliber respects all the codes and requirements of Haute Horlogerie, notably in the close attention devoted to every detail of the movement and case, both of which are remarkable for their exceptional finishing and complexity. The design of this tourbillon flyback chronograph required many years of research and development. This unique complication is the first of its kind at Richard Mille and the first of its kind in the world. This includes some 740 parts, 58 jewels and a power reserve of circa 70 hours displayed at 2 o'clock. It also incorporates the new patented crown mechanism presented on the RM 037, which protects the movement from shocks and poor manipulation. This extremely complex, highly technical caliber is the perfect instrument for dealing with the challenges that pilots face during flights. The RM 039 AVIATION E6-B tourbillon represents the ultimate blend of watchmaking and aeronautics. The RM 039 AVIATION E6-B is available in a limited edition of 30 titanium timepieces with titanium lugs.


tack richardmille.com

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